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Hi! Welcome to my empty site

2011-11-20 13:18:50 by Moyans

Hi everybody and pixel,i'm Moyans and i have no idea to use the flash,but i'm learning it with videos on youtube,when i improve my technique i will upload any game or funny video,i hope you will check it and enjoy it in a future,well,that's all.

Good life and the force be with you and gotta catch'em all my friends. :D

Hi! Welcome to my empty site


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2011-11-20 13:47:59

Hey! Welcome to Newgrounds!

I'd just like to inform you that you are a worthless piece of shit that no one will ever respect. You might as well kill yourself now, then save the shame and embarrassment of spending more than 30 minutes at this hell hole.

Everyone hates you and your stupid username too.



(Updated ) Moyans responds:

hm... my first enemy,like batman and The Joker,or ash and gary... i love you too my lovely enemy :D